Another day, another so-called expert...

This morning, I opened my e-mail to find the latest way to part with $127.00 USD and “help” enlighten me about the so-called state of the science in autism treatment. To the uninitiated, this looks great! I get almost
two dozen DVDs representing 17 experts and/or eloquent autistic adults (which is an oxymoron in itself) sharing their opinions on autism. At first glance, this looks like such a bargain; however, upon closer inspection, what exactly am I buying? Well..., out of all these experts, here’s what you get:
1 DVD that discuss Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
2 DVDs that discuss inclusion in the classroom with (ABA)

And that, my fellow parents, is where anything to do with science-based treatments end. So..., $127.00 doesn’t look like such a great offer after all!