Autism after 16: A website worth checking out

The internet inundates us daily with information that competes for our valuable time; as a result, good resources are often buried under mediocrity. I was fortunate to have someone introduce me to the site Autism after 16, which is a valuable project that brings together parents, siblings, very high functioning people on the autism spectrum, and professionals. Much of the information about U.S. Government programs is valuable, and there are many universally useful ideas on this website.

One of the articles that addresses transition to adulthood in a realistic manner is called
Transition Undefined. In this section, there is a 2009 report written on the state of services for adults with autism in New York. Although not directly relevant to those of us who live outside New York State, it is nevertheless valuable since many issues are the same regardless of jurisdiction.

Most issues facing adults with autism are not easily solved;
Autism after 16 attempts to define and grapple with these challenges.