An Inconvenient Truth for Autism film: Third trailer available for viewing

The organization,
Medicare for Autism Now has just released its third trailer for the film Medicare’s Orphans. Although regular readers of this blog have probably checked out previous trailers for the film, for those who are now to this project, it is worthwhile seeing the earlier trailers (Trailer 1 & Trailer 2). Although this may be a difficult film to watch, it is crucial that parents of children with autism understand what happens when a person with autism does not receive treatment. In the last 10 years the trend has been to candy-coat autism; therefore, it is rare to see the ugly reality of autism (which has traditionally not been Asperger’s syndrome or “high functioning” autism).

Although this film is about the struggle of Canadian families to access treatment for their children, it is relevant for all of us. Those who live in other parliamentary democracies will see incredible parallels to this Canadian true story. The film is scheduled for release in October.

For everyone who thinks that Canada is a great place for children with disabilities, this will shake you to your core!