Riding the wave of quackery!

Surf's up, folks! Until recently, sunblock was only required for one form of autism treatment quackery: swimming with dolphins. Now there is yet another reason to slather up your child: Surfing Therapy! Yup, you read that correctly. Surfing Therapy… The foundation is called
Surfers Healing and it is supported by very well meaning professional surfers, and corporate sponsors, who just want to make a difference in the lives of children with autism. Unfortunately, instead of calling this activity what it is, which is "fun", they have to use the therapy word and make the following claims in the local media: "Some of them will smile for the first time, some of them will talk for the first time, some will make eye contact...and somehow it just changes them..."

Clearly being taken out on a surf board, or learning to surf, is very reinforcing, and a form of exercise, which is great!; however, can't they just drop the term "healing" and rename it Surfing Dudes for Kids with Autism? If they would not make outlandish, anecdotal treatment claims, they could advertise their camp as a great experience for children with autism. I, for one, would wholeheartedly support this camp as an obscene amount of fun or an enriching experience. What a great way for children with autism to be part of beach culture! But healing, therapy, treatment... c’mon... Don’t expropriate the language of treatment, and don’t confuse the insurance providers.