Facing Autism in New Brunswick

Facing Autism in New Brunswick is a particularly important blog for both Canadian members of the autism community and those worldwide who live in parliamentary democracies. Although New Brunswick is in the name, the author of this blog monitors the entire Canadian scene. He monitors the lobbying efforts of parents as well as the misdeeds of a bureaucracy that denies children with autism their rights on a regular basis. The techniques used by parents of children with autism in Canada may be valuable for parents around the world (aside from the U.S.), due to the way the political system works (or doesn’t work) when it comes to vulnerable minorities.

The author of the blog, Mr. Harold Doherty, is a lawyer who describes his involvement in autism:

My interest in autism, and my engagement in autism advocacy, began with my son Conor's Autism Disorder diagnosis and the realization that, locally at least, no serious efforts were being made to improve the lives of persons with Autism or to address the realities of Autism Disorder. Hugs are good, but hugs are not enough. Evidence based treatment, education and residential care by properly trained service providers are required to help the 1 in 110 persons who have an autism spectrum disorder.